Role: Head of Design   Client: TubiTV.com


Think of TubiTV like Netflix, just ad supported instead of paid. My primary role was to create product designs for new connected tv platforms (smart tv apps, xbox one, etc), and to re-design their existing TubiTV brand and mvp products (mobile apps, web site, roku, etc). Additionally, I had to take on all miscellaneous design work for TubiTV and its parent company AdRise.com. This included ad sales and content partnership presentation decks, advertising and social media campaigns, content art, the internal content management system, white-label apps for content partners, and lots more.


Various challenges arose throughout my time at TubiTV. Most importantly, designing many products that have the same style and user experience on a touch device like a mobile phone and on 10 foot away remote control devices like smart tv apps. All while concurrently developing a brand style guide to bring the whole company in the direction of a beautiful cinematic experience. Which was a really great challenge, and one I wish I had more time to work on while there.

The most common, non-design challenge, was multiple daily interruptions from the marketing team members needing photo editing or other graphics immediately and having no support from stake holders to push back on using hours per day on tasks with minimal impact. Highlighting the need for team support, communication, and clear expectations.


My product designs were a success in launching the new smart TV apps, implimenting new features for the CMS, and the company stake holders having new mobile and web app designs to move forward with once they have dedicated developers available to work on those platforms. Their sales and partnership teams also have beautiful presentation templates to help maintain consistency throughout all new designs based on the brand style guide I developed.



Mobile App Re-Design

For stake holder buy-in I created multiple design models for a new TubiTV mobile experience. The presentation below walks you through the various concepts with reasonably well polished mockups that make it as easy as possible to understand each. Google Documents version is better because it can show animation. See it here.



Smart TVs & Content Streaming Devices

The TubiTV design for smart tvs, Roku, and connected devices like xBox One was a unique challenge because I had not designed for a 10 foot interactive experience before and the company stake holders had several requirements and design constraints for the app. And of course tvs have their own challenges using different style remotes to navigate the product UI.



TubiTV.com Re-design.

Examples of the re-design work for tubitv.com