Role: Product Design (website, content managment tools, cms dashboard)   Client: AdRise


In addition to the various work for the AdRise consumer facing apps (TubiTV), I produced a large amount of design work for the internal products like the content managment system, created style guides, presentation decks, and concept designs for the ad sales, marketing, and content partnership teams. I also created designs for the website and the CMS dashboard to be accessable by their content partners. 


Presentation Deck Materials
Most content removed, but I'm sure the AdRise sales team would be happy to show you more if you're in the market for ad space.

The sales and pitch peresntation decks for adrise were haphazard and desperately needed improvement to look professional. I created this simple presentation style to unify and beautify the content and make it easier to quickly consume. While also making it as flexible and simple as possible for the sales team to adjust content themselves without devolving back to the 20+ different fonts they were using.