January 2, 2015

San Francisco Architecture Tour

People seem to think of the "Painted Ladies" when they talk about SF tourist spots and interesting houses to see. But the reality is that the painted ladies are in disgusting state of disrepair. I thought I'd make a list of prettier houses to see in SF. Many of which are hidden on side streets and fully residential areas that most people wouldn't happen upon by themselves.

This also seemed like a good opportunity to test out Pinterest's map feature.

Unfortunately, mapping locations is based on foursquare. So, I'm assuming someone has to have checked into a location on foursquare to pin something to any specific spot. That's just silly, it severely limits new and useful content creation on pinterest... or I have to go and check in at a bunch of peoples houses on foursquare to be able to make my pretty houses map properly. #fail

Working on it anyway, maybe they'll fix adding new locations by the time I have a decent number of amazing houses on there.

Pinterest Board: Pretty houses in SF.