January 8, 2015

Liberty Hill Run of Cardio Doom

Because of shoulder pain (from this), going to the gym is a constant motivational struggle. So to stay in marginally acceptable shape I've started mapping out some running routes that are more interesting than a treadmill or just a loop around and around a park.

Here's my first map: The Liberty Hill Run (20 - 30 minutes, 1.3 - 1.5 miles)

Start out at Cafe UB (18th St. @ Sanchez St.) and run directly up the Sanchez St. hill. There are some lovely stairs at 19th & Sanchez... keep going up!

stairs 1 sanchez and 19th

stairs 1 sanchez and 19th

When you're at the top of the stairs, turn around an check out the view... briefly.

view of sf

View from the top of the stairs at 19th st. & Sanchez st.

Continue up the hill and make your first right onto Cumberland St. until you go down the stairs to Noe.

Turning left up Noe St. find the little stairs that take you back up Liberty Hill to your left, just before you get to 20th st. Be sure to look around a bit at the bottom of the stairs; there are some great examples of the diversity of architecture in SF across the street on Noe and at the corner of 20th.

You'll run right into the next set of stairs directly ahead, but be sure to check out the super cool modern house on your right as you descend the steps. At the bottom of the steps turn right and head back up the hill along Sanchez St.

20th and sanchez stairs

20th and sanchez stairs

Watch for cars as you cross Liberty St. The stairs will be up to your left.

liberty and sanchez stairs

liberty and sanchez stairs might be slightly hidden. you can also run up the fun curvy street.

Continue on to Hill St. passing all kinds of cool houses. Again take a moment to check out the view, this time of the lower mission area, out to the bay, and Noe Valley area.

view from the top of liberty hill sf

view from the top of liberty hill sf - mission, bay, noe valley

From here go right for an easier, less populated, and slightly longer stroll back down the hills. Or go left down the steep hill to Church St. for a slightly more difficult run, but with a nice view from the top of Dolores Park.

End up right back at Cafe UB and proceed to 'die'.  *Don't actually die, coffee and pastries will help.

random stuff to see on your run

random stuff to see on your run

Liberty Hill Run

Liberty Hill Run


Have a good run. :)