January 1, 2015

[Drop the] Beet Salad

I made a tasty, healthy(maybe), thing for a holiday party. While it's probably technically a terrine, I think Drop the Beet Salad sounds way better. So, let's just go with that.


  • Beets (6 yellow/orange, 4 red)
  • Goat Cheese 8 oz.

You'll also need a container of some sort that is sturdy to hold your terrine together while it's squished into shape. I used the end of a Medium FedEx box lined with plastic wrap.

medium fedex box that valiantly gave its life for the terrene

recycled medium fedex box that valiantly gave its life for the terrine


Start by cooking your beets (about 40 minutes for medium size beets). Yes, you have to be racist when cooking multiple colors of beets, or the red will stain all the other colors.

Segregated Beets Cooking

Segregated Beets Cooking


Peel and slice your beets.




Starting with the yellow / orange ones; layer them into your container like you would make lasagna. Layer of beet, layer of goat cheese, repeat. I just crumbled the cheese onto each layer haphazardly to save time and it makes for much cooler looking randomized patterns when you slice into the terrine later.

PuttingĀ the red beets on top will let their juices slowly bleed down the sides into the cheese and give you a full range of color.

Fold the plastic wrap over the top of the last layer, sealing it reasonably well. and place something heavy on top. I used the other end of the FedEx box and a thick coffee table book to get the weight evenly distributed. Then put everything into the refrigerator for an hour. I planned ahead for the holiday party and left it in the fridge over night.


Ta-Da! It worked.

after refrigeration and slicing

after refrigeration and slicing


I was lazy and used some basic mixed greens for the sake of a few pictures. But some candied walnuts or pistachios and maybe basil or mint leaves would compliment the beets and cheese nicely. Orange slices would work, too. And, obviously, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and some salt and pepper.