December 6, 2014

Assault in San Francisco

On April 6th I was violently assaulted by three male friends of Pauline "Polly" Zebrowski.

Results of being assaulted by Donald Rizzo David Allen David B and SFPD

Some of the injuries from being assaulted by Donald Rizzo, David Allen, David B, and the SFPD.

Two of the assailants (David Allen & Donald Rizzo) and Pauline Zebrowski lied to the police and filed Citizens Arrest forms against me while I was in San Francisco General Hospital for multiple X-Rays and a CT Scan to make sure I wasn't bleeding into my brain.


I have been
by the Superior Court Of San Francisco


To this day the SFPD refuses to take
a police report from me
(directly breaking California state law)



It was brought up by the defendant in civil court when I was suing Polly Zebrowski for False Arrest that this isn’t true via a letter from ADA Courtney Burris. In the letter Courtney intentionally lies to undermine the civil suit and cause further damages to my life. But let’s clear up any gray area there.

1. Pauline Zebrowski’s accusations were discharged by the District Attorney’s office. Meaning they refused to pursue charges. Directly denying my constitutional right to be faced with my accuser in court. 

2. The lies of Donald Rizzo, David Allen, and the SFPD were brought to court. After nearly 6 months of ADA Courtney Burris asking the court for continuations (very inappropriately I should add, for example calling the case at 9am and asking for a ~three month continuation without me or my attorney present since the court time was scheduled at 1:30pm) because the alleged victims would not respond to their investigation for proof of damages; all charges were dismissed by the judge. By the dismissal it is upheld by the Superior Court Of San Francisco and California State Law that the arrest “shall be deemed to have never occurred” and I may “indicate in response to any question concerning his or her prior criminal record that he or she was not arrested.


Polly Zebrowski is a criminal liar and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows for felony perjury. 

David Allen is a violent criminal and liar and must be prosecuted for perjury, assault, and destruction of property. 

Donald Rizzo is a violent criminal and liar and must be prosecuted for perjury, assault, and destruction of property. 

David B. must be properly identified and be prosecuted for assault, and destruction of property.



Let's be clear about what happened.

I stopped to say hello to Polly having randomly run into her on 18th st. I gave her a hug with one arm, she put her arm around my lower back and we walked a few steps together. We chatted for a moment (she said she was coming back from the sunset party..  aka they were high) and she told the people she was with to continue on and she would catch up. While Polly was handing her keys to a female friend, a male came up to my right side and said something angrily, I didn't hear what he said.  I flipped him off casually, following that Polly had just told him to leave, and put my hand back in my pocket. He yelled something about "you just flipped off my friend" and pushed me. I took a step back and to the left, I looked down at my unstable footing as I had stepped on the edge of the sidewalk cutout for a tree.

I was immediately grabbed and pulled from behind by the hood of my sweater hard enough to tear the seam.  I turned to see why someone just ruined my new hoodie, confused about why they were suddenly violent, my hands still in my hoodie pockets. The third male was coming towards me hands raised to hit me. Surrounded and scared and confused I raised my hands to protect my face and head from the impending assault, my phone came out of my right pocket with my hand and clattered to the ground. I didn't even have time to see where it fell before I was hit in the back of the head and began falling forward and lost consciousness. I presume hitting my head on the sidewalk causing the injury to my forehead.

I demand the immediate arrest of the people listed above for their violent criminal actions and lies against me.

Read the following SFPD Criminal Misconduct that happened as a direct result of these peoples lies. Where upon Pauline zebrowski lying to the police, I was viciously beaten, tortured, and raped by the SFPD and Sheriff's department employees. And then threatened with further violence if I didn't pay bail ($29,000) to one of their bail bond companies.


This article and the subsequent related articles and materials are a significant matter of public concern regarding the violent nature of the crimes committed by and/or lied about by the individuals, police, and others named herein.