Give me justice or give me death.

Immediately after being assaulted by David Allen, David B., and Donald Rizzo, I was sat up from being unconscious on the sidewalk by SFPD officers. I was handcuffed and fully restrained, seated with my face pushed against my knees looking East down the 18th st. sidewalk. I could see some officer talking to Pauline Zebrowski and various other people.

The INSTANT I knew there were police officers present I did exactly as my father had told me to do when I was a little kid and he was an NYPD Officer (Ret. Deputy Inspector, 30+ years of service). Specifically, follow all instructions given, inform them that my dad is NYPD, and ask for a lawyer. I did just that. First, no instructions to follow were given. I was completely restrained, just awoken from a brutal assault and had clearly visible bleeding head injuries (even according to police reports), any movement I made was done by the officers holding me in place. I said “my dad is NYPD”.

To which the officers responded “NYPD ISN’T GONNA HELP YOU HERE.”

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San Francisco Architecture Tour

People seem to think of the “Painted Ladies” when they talk about SF tourist spots and interesting houses to see. But the reality is that the painted ladies are in disgusting state of disrepair. I thought I’d make a list of prettier houses to see in SF. Many of which are hidden on side streets and fully residential areas that most people wouldn’t happen upon by themselves.

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Trade Marks & Symbols – Yasaburo Kuwayama

Trade Marks & Symbols Volume 1: Alphabetical Designs by Yasaburo Kuwayama has skyrocketed in price from ~$25 to well over a thousand dollars ($999 to $2,399 on Amazon at the time of writing this) because of a mention in Aaron Draplin’s logo design video for Seems to show the need for libraries in a world of antiquated copyright laws, especially considering amazon doesn’t have digital copies for sale.

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I have a Hairstyle Inspiration website. Set up generally blog style. Long story on why hairstyles.

At its peak it was getting ~50,000 visitors per month and earned a bit from google adsense.


Unfortunately, the site was hacked and had various malware inserted into the server.

After a long hiatus I have finally had the time to dig through old backup files and restore some of the old content. It remains to be seen if it can regain any decent amount of its traffic volume or earnings.